Introducing Ruthie

Meet the illustrator of our book Wee Bessie.

Ruthie Redden Artist is an artist and illustrator based in Galloway on Scotland’s beautiful wild southwest coast in the artists town of kirkcudbright.

Through her research Ruthie explores the folklore, history and tradition rooted in Scotland’s past, much of it on the brink of being lost. 

As a pictorial storyteller, Ruthie uses the narrative elements of folklore to evoke a connection to a time when we were intrinsically tied to the rhythms of Mother Nature and to inspire interest in our rich Scottish heritage.

We asked Ruthie about her involvement with Wee Bessie she responded by saying – 

Every so often I come across a book that has a deep effect on me, ‘The Yellow on the Broom’ was such a book and has long been a favourite.  As I read Bessie’s story all those years ago, I saw the world through her eyes.  I felt a deep connection with her love of country ways and her need to lose herself in the wild places. My work is inspired by the very same thing and I feel honoured to have been given the task of bringing both David’s and Bessie’s words to life through my illustrations.

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