Update on the Story about Signage

One of the Tinkers’ Heart supporters, Craig Finlay, has suggested that as many of us as possible email the leader of Argyll & Bute Council. If you’d like to add your voice,  Craig has put together an email that can be copied and sent:

Craig Finlay feel free to copy and paste the content, then email to the Leader of Argyll and Bute Council at the email address, below:

Date: 25 October 2016 20:54:17 BST
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Subject: The Tinkers’ Heart

Dear Councillor Walsh

I write to you in your capacity as Leader of Argyll and Bute Council to ask that you please take steps to have suitable signage placed at, and around, the road network at The Tinkers’ Heart near the junction with the A815 and B839 roads.

The Tinkers’ Heart was recently scheduled by Historic Environment Scotland as a site of national significance and this month received national attention when the lead campaigner to preserve the Heart, Jess Smith, was shortlisted for a Scottish Heritage Angel Award.

Jess works with a group called Heart Of The Traveller to care for this site, and many people feel that The Tinkers’ Heart deserves more respect from Argyll and Bute Council. Having appropriate directional signage would be a major step by the Council to achieving this.

I would be grateful if you could correspond with the necessary officers to pursue this request.


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We hope you feel able to support us in this by sending the above email and thank you for the same.

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